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Our specialist Higher Education University Admissions and immigration team covers every step of UK and US, Canada, Australia, Finland, Newzland university admissions from course and university selection to personal statement support, full Medical applications, and a specialist College and University Admissions team.

Our client’s consistently gain entry into the most prestigious and competitive Collegs and universities in the UK and US, Canada, Australia.Finland, Newzland. We work closely with the top Colleges and Universities admissions offices and have a 100% success rate with winning places into top choice Colleges and universities.

EDUCATION Consultancy

Myriad Education and immigration Counselors is the leading education advisory and immigration consultancy service in the Suez Ceylon. Our knowledge of the UK and US, Canada, Australia, finland, Newsland systems helps us support and advise families from around the world to reach their maximum potential and to gain access to the very best of education and immigration Our business is built on the quality and integrity of our people with close links to university admissions offices, Head’s, and the most influential senior figures within the education industry. We are proud to offer expert advice that puts your education and immigration at the centre of the process.

Every year we advise over 173 families from across the Ceylon and around the world, supporting their next steps and ambitions within the UK and US, Canada, Australia, Finland, Newzland educational and immigration systems. Our specialist Univercity Placement Consultancy covers all Univercity and immigration entry points; from Higher Education and pre-prep application Higher education through to preparatory and Univercity admission.

What do UCAS Advisers do?

We work closely with the admissions departments with the majority of the leading Canada, US,UK and Australia universities and can also provide expert advice on applications.Top universitie of the most prestigious in the world, and the application process requires careful preparation, attention to detail and forward-thinking so that you can stand out from the competition.

Why should I use a UCAS Adviser?

From key application dates to a tailored university placement programme, our UCAS advisers work closely with our expert university consultants to offer an unrivalled level of help and expertise. Our tailored approach to each application helps to ensure your children reach their education goals on the perfect course.

Our UCAS Application Specialists can offer:

  • a full review of current and predicted academic qualifications 
  • in-depth discussions around university and course suitability 
  • support to narrow down the university and course shortlist 
  • unparalleled guidance on wider reading and work experience 
  • full UCAS form and personal statement completion support 
  • mock interview and entrance exam practice sessions   

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Myriad - UCAS Advisers

Myriad Immigration  Education is a top education consulting firm with an unrivalled reach into the Canada, US, UK,  Australia and schooling and university network. As one of the country’s leading education advisory consultancies, our expert team of university consultants and UCAS advisers help and advise families from around the world to ensure their children have access to the very best education and higher education.

We are passionate about ensuring that students gain access to outstanding higher education so that they can reach their full potential. So whether you are searching for a university, want tailored admissions advice or simply need advice on the UCAS and university structure in the Canada, US,UK, Australia our team are on hand every step of the way.

Our team of dedicated UCAS advisers provide help and guidance for students and families on university admission across the Canada, US, Uk and Austalia. From assistance with UCAS applications and personal statements to selecting and shortlisting universities and courses and even tutoring support throughout the exam period, we will work together with you and your family throughout the university admissions process.


A typical package will include:

Immigration visa services, Course and university selection
Our consultants will help clients with their Master’s degree search, exploring all available options to the client based on their current qualifications, career ambitions, and desired location of study

Preparation of a CV
We will work with the client to highlight their academic achievements, any relevant professional experience and extra-curricular interests, and tailor their CV to cater for each course applied for

Personal statement or Statement of Academic Purpose or Intent
Our consultants will work through the client’s personal statement, detailing the motivation for applying to any given course, relevant experience and education and the specific areas of interest

Supporting essays
We will provide expert advice on wider reading and preparation of any supporting essays needed

Admissions tests
Our consultants will support preparation and practice where necessary

Interview preparation – if necessary.
This includes mock interviews with our experienced consultants who have real-world university interview experience, as well as constructive feedback

Our Masters Application consultants will:

Course and university selection Preparation of a CV
Personal statement or Statement of Academic Purpose or Intent
Supporting essays
Admissions tests
Interview preparation – if necessary.

Myriad Suez Counselor

Higher Education and Masters Degree Search & Applications higher educate
Master’s degree searches and applications require a niche and specialist approach. We have a dedicated team to support our clients
Searching and applying for a higher education Masters degree is no easy feat. Students do not only have to consider the specialism they want to undertake following their degree but must also narrow down the numerous options available to them that are supplied by a plethora of different universities across the global . Consequently, many of these students require specialist support and advice in order to make these life-changing decisions.

Here at Myriad Suez, our expert advisers have successfully supported a multitude of degree applicants, both in their Master’s degree search to find their ideal course, as well as during the application process. As a result, these students have achieved a place at some of the Canada,USA, Australia,UK’s leading universities to study a broad range of subjects.

As with all our clients, after an initial consultation, each student works with a specialised consultant who will provide bespoke support based on their particular needs and goals.